Mabuhay-Canada-Link Live Audio Stream

About the Group


Mabuhay Communication Group, also known as MABCOM is a non profit amateur radio organization. It was

registered with Industry Canada last May of 2016. The organization is also a part of the club station VE6ARA

repeater that was established early of 2015. The dual club structure of the organization, MABCOM and

VE6ARA repeater was designed to accommodate both the Filipino Canadian and the Standard Canadian

community respectively.


The club's objective is to promote ham radio through friendship, education and communication assistance. All

members are volunteers and membership is for everyone, however to maintain full membership individuals are

required to participate to at least two community operations per year and fulfill the annual membership dues.

Funding and expenses are taken from members contributions, donations and through fund raising.


If you are a licensed or wishing to be licensed amateur radio operator, we invite you to join us promote our

goal to better our community.

Net Call Schedule


Every Thursday at 8:30 pm MST.

Hams can join the net call thru the following repeaters/networks:


- VE6ARA Repeater, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 145.150 -0.6 MHz 110.9 Hz

- VE6GCD Repeater, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 443.375 +5.0 MHz DCS 025

- Wires-X: Room 21812

- Zello Channel: mabcom

- FCS: Room FCS004-62

- TGIF Network: Talkgroup 30262

- Reflector: YSF04965/XLX362D (YSF/DMR)

- AllStarLink: Node 40446

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